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Affinity Home & Design is a design and remodeling company who specializes in bathroom and kitchen renovation. We are a skilled and capable company that understands the value that can be added to your home and lifestyle through investing in these spaces.   Affinity's owner, “Nathan Dunithan”, has built a company that provides a unique customer experience where we prioritize designing your vision of beauty and functionality above all else.  You'll be in your home long after we are done, and we want your vision to last.  As a designer and remodeling contractor, Nathan values customer satisfaction and takes pride in Affinity's relationships with clients and subcontractors.  We'd love the opportunity to meet you and see if we can surpass your expectations.

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Our Reason

Forming a relationship with clients is a core principle at Affinity Home & Design, LLC. We believe a good relationship, where we understanding our clients' needs, is the first step in creating a product that people love.  We also highly value executing projects in a timely and professional manner. Our reputation in Portland has been built by a professional and capable team that is driven to make your spaces the best that they can be.